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Austrian Philharmonics Gold Coins

24-Karat Gold Bullion Coins

This coin was the best selling gold bullion coin in the world in 1992, 1995, and 1996 according to the World Gold Council. The Austrian Mint first began producing the Vienna Philharmonic in 1989. It is issued every year, in four different face values, sizes and weights. The Gold Philharmonic was created as a gold tribute to the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the world's most well-known orchestras. They are excellent choices for investors who prefer pure 24 karat gold coins, as opposed to the U.S. Mint's American Gold Eagles and the South African Krugerrand, both of which are 22 karat (91.67% pure).

The obverse (front) depicts a collection of orchestral instruments: a cello, four violins, a Vienna horn, bassoon, and harp. The reverse (back) features the great organ in the Vienna's Golden Concert Hall (Musikverein), which houses the Philharmonic Orchestra. Beneath the organ are the weight, fineness, date of issue, and face value in Euros.

Benefits of Austrian Philharmonics Gold Coins

The Austrian Mint guarantees the Philharmonic's weight and purity and backs its monetary face value, which was the highest of any gold bullion coin when it was denominated in Schilling, prior to the creation and acceptance of the Euro.
  Quantity  1-25  26-49  49-74  75+
  1-oz. coin  $1,765.58  $1,742.11  $1,739.24  $1,731.53
                                In Stock                               US Dollars    
     2012 1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic           $ 1,823.41
     2012 1/2 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic           $ 954.12
     2012 1/4 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic           $ 501.01
     2012 1/10 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic           $ 198.65
     2009 20 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic (20th Ann)           $ 36,777.15
     2006 1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic           $ 1,815.47
     1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic - Random Year           $ 1,784.57